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Website Creation


You need you and/or your business to make an immediate impression.  Remember the first impression should always be a lasting impression.
Our web creations will give you or your business a professional style website that will set you apart from others.
Let us create for you or your company a content rich display to the internet community.  We will market you and brand your company in the most creative way.
Marketing is critical to establishing and maintaining a successful internet presence and business branding.


Please fill out our website profile sheet which will help speed up the process in getting your site started and help us to determine the cost of your site.
You will have to provide us with the content of your site (info about you/your company, contact info etc…)
If you have personal/business photos, logos, images, special fonts or other objects, the earlier you supply them to us the sooner we can finish your site.
You do not have to write the text for the entire website word for word, but we require a guideline from you so that we may compose your site.


To create the design of your site, the evaluation of our fees are calculated on a per job estimate.  After evaluating your needs we will discuss your cost and make all efforts to work within your budget.  All consultations are free.
Our website cost range between $400 and $800.  A very small personal site may start as low as $200.
Remember these are approximate costs, pricing is based on individual needs.
Your new domain name comes free with all monthly hosting packages. If you already have a domain it has to be transferred to our host site. Domain transfers may take 2-3 days to move to the new host and is completely normal.
Hosting monthly cost will depend on which package you chose, basic ($9.99), plus ($19.99) or premium ($29.99).  Right now all of our packages are at a discount if you pay a year in advance.  Basic $6.99, Plus $12.99 or Premium $19.99.
Your package come with up to 200 email addresses for you to use as you please.


You will get free consultation and maintenance for 30 days.  After the 30 days depending on what is required, we can work out a per call fee or an annual fee.  But rest assured we will make all efforts to work within your budget to make sure your site is up and running efficiently and professionally.
We will also provide your with a password for your site so that you may make simple changes and updates as you please.


Depending on the complexity of your site it could take two weeks to a month depending on the amount of scripting technology, graphic intensity, and the amount of photos.  Many sites can take as little as three to four days.  There is no norm because sites are custom designed and depending on how much customization will determine the amount of time needed.
One of the biggest determining factors is how soon we can receive the contents from you which is needed to create your site.  Before we get started you need to take time and conclude what you want on your site, how you want your site to look and how much content, photos and graphics you'd like on your site.
Once you've thought all of these things through, please fill out our Creation Information Form so that we may create your customized site.


Referrals are very important to our success so if your are satisfied with our services and if the person that you refer to us hire us to create their site, you will receive a check for 15% of their first purchase.  The more people you refer (and they use our service) the more money you will receive.  They MUST supply your name and email address for you to receive your loyalty reward money.